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Tufano Motor Car

Tufano Motor Car is a family business.

Tufano Motor Car (TMC) is a family business. Originally founded by John J. Tufano and reimagined as a Father / Son business focused on helping our clients acquire classic and collectible automobiles to drive, enjoy and diversify their investments as a unique and appreciating asset class.Tufano Motor Car specializes in American Muscle and German Steel.David Tufano brings to business his background in enterprise level quality system design for the aerospace and diversified manufacturing industries. He has developed an industry leading system for evaluating, inspecting and certifying investment level automobiles. We call this the Tufano System of Quality. Or TSQ.

TMC operates in the following manner:

  • Retained search - We are retained by our exclusive clientele for specific searches for dream cars

  • Inspections, Evaluations, and TSQ certifications - We will inspect, evaluate and in some cases certify Autos from your existing collection or ones you are planning to acquire

  • Collection building and investment diversification - We work as consultants and industry experts to assist you in building your collection, this includes consultation, planning, sourcing, acquiring, transporting, long term storage, maintenance and restoration services.

  • Logistics, Importing and Export - We will facilitate the transportation of vehicles domestically and internationally, we will import vehicles to the US as well as Export them outside of the US. We will transport the vehicles domestically by covered trailer as well as shipping container overseas as required.

  • Facility Design - We will work with you to optimize storage, showroom, and facility design for your collection

  • Buy / Sell / Consignment / Trade - We will source for our own collection and for resale various vehicles, as well as sell or consign client vehicles, we also entertain meaningful trade

  • Establishment of Montana LLC for Tax Management - We work closely with our trusted providers to create Montana based LLC’s for the securing of your previous vehicles as well as ensuring the most beneficial tax situation


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